Monday, 4 August 2014

Tavistock to Yelverton to see the replica Spitfire at Harrowbeer

We saw an article in the Tavistock Times Gazette announcing the arrival of a replica Spitfire at Harrowbeer. The old Harrowbeer airfield is quite close to the lovely playground at Yelverton and it's now the school holidays so it seemed like a nice way to spend an afternoon.

Emily and Oliver had a friend visiting, so our old Adventure At2 bicycle trailer had to accommodate 3. The safest option for crossing Tavistock seemed to be to put Oliver in the 'boot' with a pillow for his head. Once on the trail, Emily rode standing in the back of the trailer like a modern day Boudica.

The Spitfire's well worth a visit and is at the Knightstone tea rooms until the end of August. The tea rooms' cream tea is lovely and is (I imagine) available year round. I'm pretty sure the "straight over there" directions we followed could be improved on, except perhaps for simplicity and distance travelled.

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