Friday, 21 December 2012

Gas maintenance project on Callington Road

We received a packet through the door from Wales & West Utilities today, informing us of gas mains and piping replacement works starting 2nd January and going on for up to 6 weeks on the Callington Road in Tavistock.

Some of the information in the letter (gas pipe replacement / property entry point and meter relocation) looked as though it was of greater interest to our landlord than it was to us as tenants, so I thought I'd send an email alerting the landlord. Wales & West didn't provide an URL to an article on their website about the project, and nor is there any mention of it online. They did send a DVD though, but none of our PCs have a spinning media reader (I think they're museum pieces).

I got in touch with Wales & West and they promptly and kindly sent me a copy of the letter which I can email to my landlord. Just in case you'd like to do something similar, here is the letter from Wales & West Utilities about the 2013 Callington Road, Tavistock work.

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