Thursday, 21 June 2012

Rain in Tavistock

Lots of people told me before I moved to Tavistock that it's "nice, but rains a lot". Is it wetter here than anywhere else in the UK? I don't know - Summer 2012 seems to have happened in April and it has been cold / wet / windy everywhere since then. We usually check weather on the Met Office website using their excellent 'weather-at-a-glance' page here:

Weather in Tavistock

and today I spotted the Met Office's 'rain radar' which certainly seems to agree with the well-tested method of looking out of the window to see whether it's raining or not. I've a feeling the data is collected by lots of people looking out of their windows.

Rain radar

The Met Office have a little information panel on both these pages showing a picture of an old reel-to-reel tape drive with a caption saying they've got a newer version of the page. I've tried the new pages and though they look very nice, they don't seem to be nearly as clear nor as responsive as the old pages. Maybe I'm just a reel-to-reel kind of person.

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