Monday, 11 June 2012

Montgomery Drive playgrounds

Plural this time because on our way along Montgomery Drive a few days ago to the main playground there we passed a little play area on the left just after a road on the left called "The Heights", which we assumed was for very young children. I've just seen on Google Maps what I think must be a third small play area at the very northern tip of Montgomery Drive. That one appears to have access from Manor Road too. We visited only the large one by Perry Close.

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The Montgomery Drive playground has some good equipment in it. The little climbing / traversing wall is quite tricky and the assault course - though small - seemed to hold the attention of its users quite well. It's a new playground and the equipment is quite solid, so it's all in excellent condition. It's a bit of a fishbowl, overlooked from every direction by nearby houses with roads also on three sides, but it feels quiet and safe.

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