Monday, 11 June 2012

Bannawell Street playground

Thanks to a relayed tip-off from one of's facebook* contributors, we set out to investigate a new playground this morning. We were none the wiser when we arrived at the "top of Bannawell St" so we sought local knowledge. A couple of people gave us directions that sounded right for the Courtlands playground, but it wasn't until we'd started a brute-force search of the local side-streets that someone said "it's just over there, through a farm gate".

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To enter the playground, you do need to go through the farm gate on the north side of Abbey Place, only metres east of Russell Court. You're not there yet - a further 50m along a track beside a little stream and through a gap in trees takes you into a sloping field with a small asphalt area beneath a basketball hoop. The playground lies adjacent to this field, across a small bridge.

The surroundings are lovely - there's no road visible and the playground is not bad too. It has swings and an assault course similar in construction to the one at Monksmead. There are a few picnic tables and benches, and plenty of shade thanks to some mature trees. My kids particularly enjoyed the good-sized sloping field and the little stream with surprisingly many bridges in such a short length!

*If you're a facebook member perhaps you can see the original contribution too. I'm not - I find the whole concept of a members-only web perverse. I suppose it could be considered truculent to knock $104bn worth of perverse... what a pay day!

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